Date:  April 4, 2016       Time: 1530
Location:  Near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
Operator:  Smoky Mountain Helicopters
AC Type:  Bell 206L
Reg:  N16760         cn: 45081
Aboard:  5    Fatalities: 5   Ground: 0
Route:  Sightseeing
Details:  The helicopter crashed in a wooded hillside while on a sightseeing flight.

Date:  March 29, 2016       Time: 1140
Location:  Magdelen Islands, Quebec, Canada
Operator:  Marquise Aviation Corp.
AC Type:  Mitsubishi MU-2B 60 Marquise
Reg:  N246W            cn: 1552S-A
Aboard:  7    Fatalities: 7    Ground: 0
Route:  Montreal - Iles-de-la-Magdelen
Details:  The plane crashed while on approach to Iles-de-la-Magdelen Airport in poor weather conditions. Former Canadian cabinet minister Jean Lapierre, his wife, 2 brothers and sister were among those killed. All five were on the way to a funeral for Lapierre's father.

Date:  March 19, 2016       Time: 0341
Location:  Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Operator:  Flydubai       Flight: 981
AC Type:  Boeing 737-8KN (WL)
Reg:  A6-FDN            cn: 40241/3517
Aboard:  62   Fatalities: 62    Ground: 0
Route:  Dubai - Rostov
Details:  At 2237, at Rostov-on-Don, the crew aborted a landing attempt to Runway 22 due to poor weather conditions. The plane was instructed to enter a holding pattern at 15,000 feet where it remained for a little under two hours. During a second landing attempt, at 3.4 miles from the runway and an altitude of 1,500 feet the crew executed a second go around and climbed to 3,975 feet, after which, the plane went out of control in a nose down attitude and hit the runway at high rate of speed and disintegrated. All 55 passengers and crew of 7 were killed.

Date:  March 15, 2016       Time: 1430
Location:  Fatima Pastaza, Ecuador
Operator:  Military - Ecuador Army
AC Type:  IAI Attava 201      
Reg:  E-206            cn: 090
Aboard:  22   Fatalities: 22    Ground: 0
Route:  Training
Details:  The crew was conducting sky diving exercises when, an hour into the flight they radioed they were returning to base due to deuterating weather conditions. Shortly thereafter the plane went out of control and crashed in a wooded area. Nineteen passengers and the 3 pilots were killed.

Date:  March 9, 2016       Time: 0905
Location:  Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh
Operator:  True Aviation Ltd.
AC Type:  Antonov AN-26      
Reg:  S2-AGZ            cn: 13408
Aboard:  4   Fatalities: 3    Ground: 0
Route:  Cox's Bazar - Jessore
Details:  The cargo plane, carrying shrimp, crashed less than 5 minutes after taking off from Cox's Bazar Airport. The pilot declaired an emergency and tried to return to the airport but crashed into the shallow waters of the Bay of Bengal just offshore.

Date:  February 26, 2016       Time:1305
Location:  250 miles northwest of Kathmandu, Nepalx
Operator:  Kasthamandap Airlines       
AC Type:  PAC 750XL      
Reg:  9N-AJB        cn: 160
Aboard:  11    Fatalities: 2    Ground: 0
Route:  Nepalganj - Jumla
Details:  The plane went into a steep descent and crashed onto a field in the mountains of the Kalikot district. The plane was reported to be trying to make an emergency landing. Both the pilot and copilot were killed and nine passengers were injured.

Date:  February 24, 2016       Time: 0815
Location:  Dana, Nepal
Operator:  Tara Air     Flight: 193
AC Type:  de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter 400
Reg:  9N-AHH       cn: 926
Aboard:  23    Fatalities: 23    Ground: 8
Route:  Pokhara - Jomsom
Details:  The plane crashed in the mountainous northern region of Nepal half-way through a 20 minute flight to Jomsom. The plane was relatively new. There was wind and dense fog at the time of the accident.


Date:  February 18, 2016       Time: 1025
Location:  Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Operator:  Genesis Aviation       
AC Type:  Bell 206B Jet Ranger
Reg:  N80918      cn: 2687
Aboard:  5    Fatalities: 1    Ground: 0
Route:  Sightseeing
Details:  The helicopter was making an approach to land when it crashed into Pearl Harbor. A 16 year old by died 4 days after the accident.

Date:  February 2, 2016       Time: 0020
Location:  Near Mogadishu, Somalia
Operator:  Daallo Airlines       Flight: 3159
AC Type:  Airbus A321-111
Reg:  SX-BHS      cn: 642
Aboard:  72    Fatalities: 1    Ground: 0
Route:  Mogadishu - Djibouti
Details:  Shortly after leaving Mogadishu Airport a loud bang was heard in the cabin. There was a loss of pressurization and the plane made an emergency landing back at the airport. A large hole was observed in the side of the fuselage. A bomb containing TNT was detonated in the cabin. The bomber was sucked out of the plane and killed.

Date:  January 8, 2016       Time: 0020
Location:  Akkajaure Lake, Norrbotten, Sweden
Operator:  West Air Sweden       Flight: 294
AC Type:  Canadair CRJ-200
Reg:  SE-DUX      cn: 7010
Aboard:  2    Fatalities: 2    Ground: 0
Route:  Oslo – Tromsø
Details:  While en route, the crew of the cargo plan sent a unintelligible mayday message. The plane went into a near vertical dive and disintegrated on impact with the ground.

Date:  December 24, 2015       Time: 0835
Location:  Mbuji, Congo
Operator:  Services Air
AC Type:  Airbus A-310-304F
Reg:  9Q-CVH       cn: 413
Aboard:  4    Fatalities: 0    Ground: 8
Route:  Lubumbashi - Mbuji-Mayi
Details:  While landing at Mbuji-Mayi Airport, the cargo plane overran the runway and crashed into several houses killing 8 people on the ground.

Date:  December 22, 2015       Time: 0940
Location:  Delhi, India
Operator:  Border Security Force
AC Type:  Beechcraft B200 Super King Air
Reg:  VT-BSA      cn: BB-1485
Aboard:  10    Fatalities: 10   Ground: 0
Route:  Delhi - Ranchi
Details:  Shortly after taking off, the pilot indicated they wanted to return to the airport. Soon after, the aircraft impacted terrain near Delhi Indira Gandhi Airport.

Date:  November 26, 2015       Time: 1015
Location:  Near Igarka, Russia
Operator:  Turuhan Avia
AC Type:  Mil MI 8T
Reg:  RA-2561      cn: 98206821/59
Aboard:  26    Fatalities: 15    Ground: 0
Route:  Igarka - Krasnyi Selkub
Details:  Contact with the helicopter, which was heading to an oil pumping station, was lost 15 minutes after taking off. There were 22 passengers and 4 crew on board. Thirteen passengers and 2 crew members were killed.
Date:  November 21, 2015       Time: 1155
Location:  Fox Glacier, South Valley, New Zealand
Operator:  Alpine Adventures
AC Type:  Aerospatiale AS 350B2 Ecureuil
Reg:  ZK-HKU      cn: 1132
Aboard:  7    Fatalities: 7    Ground: 0
Route:  Sightseeing
Details:  The sightseeing helicopter crashed into a crevasse on Fox Glacier. The wreckage site was 2, 500 feet up the valley with debris scattered across hundreds of feet. The pilot and six passengers were all killed.

Date:  November 10, 2015       Time: 1451
Location:  Akron, Ohio
Operator:  ExecuFlight       Flight: 1526
AC Type:  BAe 125-700A
Reg:  N880RG      cn: 257107/NA252
Aboard:  9    Fatalities: 9    Ground: 0
Route:  Dayton - Akron
Details:  The business jet clipped a telephone wire, hit a small apartment building and crashed into an embankment about 4 miles from the Akron Fulton Airport The plane was attempting to land in overcast and rainy conditions. The2 pilots and 7 passengers were all killed.

Date:  November 4, 2015       Time: 0900
Location:  Juba, South Sudan
Operator:  Allied Services Limited     
AC Type:  Antonov 12BK
Reg:  EY-406      cn: 1347704
Aboard:  43    Fatalities: 41   Ground: 0
Route:  Juba - Paloich
Details:  The cargo plane had just taken off from Juba Airport when it had difficulty gaining altitude and crashed into a hill about half a mile east of Runway 13.

Date:  October 31, 2015       Time: 0613
Location:  Near Hasna, Egypt
Operator:  Metrojet (Kogalymavia)      Flight: 9268
AC Type:  Airbus A321-231
Reg:  EI-ETJ      cn: 663
Aboard:  224    Fatalities: 224    Ground: 0
Route:  Sharem el Sheikh - St. Petersburg
Details:  Approximate 25 minutes after taking off from Sharem el Sheikh airport, radar contact was lost with the airliner. Wreckage was found near Hasna in the north Sinai. The aircraft was flying at about 30,000 feet when contact with the plane was lost. This is the 27th worst acident in aviation history. The aircraft was brought down by a homemade explosive device.

Date:  October 2, 2015       Time: 1429
Location:  Near Masamba, Indonesia
Operator:  Avistar Mandari      Flight: 7503
AC Type:  de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter      
Reg:  PK-BRM       cn: 741
Aboard:  10    Fatalities: 10   Ground: 0
Route:  Masamba - Makassar
Details:  The aircraft went missing minutes after talking off from the airport. Seven passengers and three crew were on board. Wreckage was located on Mount Latimojong.
Date:  October 2,, 2015       Time: 0019
Location:  Jalalabad, Afghanistan
Operator:  Military - U.S. Army
AC Type:  Lockheed C-130J Hercules
Reg:  ?
Aboard:  11    Fatalities: 11   Ground: 2
Route:  ?
Details:  The military transport crashed while taking off from Jalalabad Airport. Five crew members, 5 passengers and 2 on the ground were killed.
Date:  September 15, 2015       Time: 0624
Location:  Iliamna East Wind Lake, Alaska
Operator:  Rainbow King Lodge
AC Type:  de Havilland Canada DHC 3T Turbine Otter
Reg:  N928PK      cn: 61
Aboard:  7    Fatalities: 3    Ground: 0
Route:  Iliamna - Remote lake
Details:  While on the way to a remote fishing site, the non-sceduled passenger float plane crashed in trees as it attempted to take off. Three of the passengers were killed.

Date:  September 5, 2015        Time: 1908
Location:  Off Dakar, Near Dioubel, Senegal
Operator:  Senegalair       Flight: 71
AC Type:  Hawker Siddeley HS-125
Reg:  6V-AIM       cn: 257062
Aboard: 7     Fatalities: 7    Ground: 0
Route:  Ouagadougou - Dakar
Details:  The air ambulance went missing while on a medical flight. Seven people were on board, including two pilots from Algeria, a flight engineer from Congo, three Senegalese medical crew and a French patient.
Date:  August 20, 2015       Time: 0923
Location:  Dubnica, Slovakia
Operator:  Dubnica Air
AC Type:  Let L-410MA / Let L-410UVP
Reg:  OM-ODQ / OM_SAB    cn: 841320 / 750405
Aboard: 34    Fatalities: 7   Ground: 0
Route:  Parachuting
Details:  Both planes came down in a wooded area after a midair collision at 4,700 ft. Both planes were carrying 17 parachutists and 2 pilots. Thirty-one skydivers managed to jump out of the plane safely. All 4 pilots and 2 parachutists on one plane and 1 on the other did not survive.

Date:  August 16, 2015       Time: 1455
Location:  Tangok mountain, Papua
Operator:  Trigana Air Service       Flight: 267
AC Type:  ATR 42-300
Reg:  PK-YRN     cn: 102
Aboard: 54    Fatalities: 54    Ground: 0
Route:  Jayapura- Oksibil
Details:  The passenger plane crashed into Tangok mountain located in a remote area of Papua's eastern most provence. There was no distress call from the aircraft. High winds and heavy rain was reported in the accident area.
Date:  August 12, 2015       Time: 0845
Location:  Ninia, Indonesia
Operator:  Komala Air
AC Type:  Pacific Aerospace
Reg:  PK-KIG     cn: 650-0151
Aboard:  6    Fatalities: 1    Ground: 0
Route:  Wamena - Ninia
Details:  Strong winds forced the crew to enter a holding pattern for 40 minutes. While attempting to land, the pilot touched down half-way down the runway and was unable to stop within the remaining distance. The plane overran the runway and went down an embankment before coming to rest. The copilot was killed.



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