Date:  April 20, 2015        Time: ?
Location:  Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Operator:  Sky High Aviation Services
AC Type:  Piper PA-32
Reg:  HI-957      cn: ?
Aboard: 7     Fatalities: 7    Ground: 0
Route:  Punta Cana - Arroyo Barril
Details:  The plane crashed shortly after taking off. The pilot tried to make an emergency landing onto a golf course but the plane struck a tree an burst into flames. All seven occupants including the pilot were killed on impact.

Date: March 29, 2015       Time: 0035
Location:  Halifax, Novia Scotia
Operator:  Air Canada       Flight: 624
AC Type:  Airbus A320-211
Reg:  C-FTJP       cn: 233
Aboard:  137     Fatalities: 0    Ground: 0
Route:  Toronto - Halifax
Details:  During its final approach, the aircraft struck powerlines at the beginning of runway 05. The aircraft then impacted a localizer antenna array and became airborne again finally sliding onto the runway and coming to rest near taxiway B. The aircraft sustained substantial damage. Twenty-five people were taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. There was a power outage at the airport possibly caused by the accident.

Date:  March 24, 2015       Time: 1053
Location:  Near Digne-Les-Bains, France
Operator:  Germanwings       Flight: 9525
AC Type:  Airbus A320-211
Reg:  D-AIPX      cn: 147
Aboard:  150     Fatalities: 150    Ground: 0
Route:  Barcelona, Spain - Dusseldorf, Germany
Details:  The jetliner crashed in a remote mountainous area of southern France. The plane was obliterated with no wreckage larger than a small car. According to a flight tracker, the plane descended from 38,000 ft. for 10 minutes until radar contact was lost at 10,000 ft. The aircraft impacted the ground at a high rate of speed. All 144 passengers and crew of 6 were killed. French officials believe the copilot allegedly locked the captain out of the cockpit and put the plane into a controlled descent until it crashed.

Date:  March 19, 2015        Time: 2037
Location:  Punta del Este, Uruguay
Operator:  Private
AC Type:  Beechcraft B90 King Air
Reg:  LV-CEO      cn: LJ-454
Aboard: 10     Fatalities: 10    Ground: 0
Route:  Punta del Este - San Fernando, Argentina
Details:  The twin engine plane crashed into an inland lagoon shortly after taking off, 15 km west of the city of Punta del Este.




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Aviation Accident History

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4/25/15 A Turkish Airlines A320, Flight 1878, made an emergency landing at Istanbul after the right engine caught fire.

4/22/15   A SkyWest EMB-170 RJ flight from Chicago to Connecticut made an emergency landing in Buffalo after three passengers on board lost consciousness. One passenger described a lack of air in the cabin and shortness of breath, but the airline said an inspection on the ground found no mechanical faults.

4/17/15 The nearly disastrous plunge of the Serbian president’s plane Friday was the fault of the co-pilot, who spilled coffee in the cockpit. The dive occurred after the co-pilot spilled coffee on the instrument panel and accidentally activated the emergency slot extension.

4/15/15 An Asiana Airlines A320 skidded off the runway while landing in Hiroshma, slightly injuring 20 people.

4/13/15   American Airlines Flight 5305 from Charlotte to Milwaukee made an emergency landing in Dayton after s sensor indicated smoke near a tire. No one was injured.

4/9/15 The pilot of a Loganair flight from Aberdeen to Shetland with 30 passengers pulled out of a dive with just 7 seconds to spare after the plane was hit by lighting, The airliner pitched down, falling at 9,500 ft a minute, and fell to just 1,100 ft above the ocean before its pilot wrestled back control just moments before it was about to crash into the icy water.  After being struck by lightning, the autopilot had remained engaged and the pilot’s actions were countered by the system, causing the dive.

4/6/15   Lightning struck Icelandair Flight 671 shortly after takeoff from the Reykjavik, Iceland airport. The Boeing 757 landed safely at Denver International Airport.

3/17/15 American Airliness Flight 1320 returned to JFK after experiencing a bird strike.

3/14/15 GoJet flight 3645 landed safely at O'Hare Airport without it's front landing gear extended.

3/5/15   Passeners on USAir flight 445 at Denver International Airport exited the plane on escape chutes after the captain ordered an evacuation. Shortly after landing, smoke was reported in the cabin. No fire was found.

2/16/15  An Atrak Air Airbus 320 lost an engine while taking off at Mehrabad International Airport in Tehran, Iran. The plane continued the takeoff circled and landed safely.