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Date:  September 6, 2014     Time: 1450
Location:  Near Puerto Santander, Colombia
Operator:  Laser
AC Type:  Piper PA-31-350 Navajo
Reg:  HK-4755      cn: 31-7952044
Aboard: 10      Fatalities: 10    Ground: 0
Route:  Araracuara - Florencia

The passenger plane crashed into the jungle while en route. The aircraft was located 6 miles from the town of Puerto Santander, fragmented and burned.

Date:  August 31, 2014       Time: 1945
Location:  Mwanza, Tanzania
Operator:  Safari Express Cargo
AC Type:  Fokker F-27 MK 500
Reg:  5Y-SXP      cn: 10681
Aboard: 3      Fatalities: 3    Ground: 0
Route:  Mwanza - Nairobi

The cargo plane crashed within the borders of Serengeti National Park not far from the Kenya - Tanzania border, shortly after taking off from Mwanza.

Date:  August 30, 2014     Time: 0240
Location:  Tamanraset, Algeria
Operator:  Ukraine Air Alliance
AC Type:  Antonov An-12BK
Reg:  UR-DWF     cn: 8345802
Aboard: 7      Fatalities: 7    Ground: 0
Route:  Glascow -Tamanraset - Equitorial Guinea
Details:  The cargo plane crashed in the mountainous southeastern region of Algereia, 15 km south of the airport, shortly after taking off.

AFP Photo

Date:  August 27, 2014     Time: 1900
Location:  Las Cruces, New Mexico
Operator:  Amigos Aviation / Elite Medical Transport
AC Type:  Cessna 421C Golden Eagle
Reg:  N51RX      cn: 421C0871
Aboard: 4     Fatalities: 4    Ground: 0
Route:  Las Cruces - Phoenix
Details:  The twin engine aircraft had just left the Las Cruces Airport at a low altitude when it crashed and burst into flames. All aboard including a flight paramedic, flilght nurse , patient and pilot were killed. The plane was refueled with jet fuel instead of aviation gasoline.

AP Photo


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