Date: January 04, 2009
Time: 15:30
Location: Near Houma Louisiana
Operator: Petroleum Helicopters Inc
Flight #: ?
Route: Bayou Penchant - Off shore oil fields
AC Type: Sikorsky S-76C++
Registration: N748P
cn / ln: 760629
Aboard: 9   (passengers:7  crew:2)
Fatalities: 8   (passengers:6  crew:2)
Ground: 0
Summary: A helicopter bound for offshore oil fields went down about 75 miles southwest of New Orleans shortly after taking off. The sudden loss of power to both engines that resulted from impact with a red-tailed hawk, which fractured the windshield and interfered with engine fuel controls and the subsequent disorientation of the flightcrrew members. Also the lack of FAA regulations and guidance at the time the helicopter was certificated requiring helicopter windshields to be resistant to bird strikes and the lack of protections that would prevent T-handles from inadvertently dislodging out of the detents and the lack of a master warning light and audible system to alert the flightcrew of low-rotor speed conditions.

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