Date: September 23, 2005
Time: 14:15
Location: Haena, Hawaii
Operator: Heli-USA Airways, Inc - Air Taxi
Flight #: ?
Route: Sightseeing
AC Type: Aerospatiale AS-350BA
Registration: N355NT
cn / ln: 2053
Aboard: 6   (passengers:5  crew:1)
Fatalities: 4   (passengers:3  crew:1)
Ground: 0
Summary: After avoiding another helicopter, the helicopter headed into a heavy rainstorm. After entering a turn the airspeed dropped to zero and the helicopter descended rapidly until it hit the water bounced and hit the water again. The pilot's decision to continue flight into adverse weather conditions, which resulted in a loss of control due to an encounter with a microburst. Contributing to the accident was inadequate FAA surveillance of Special Federal Aviation Regulation 71 operating restrictions. Contributing to the loss of life in the accident was the lack of helicopter flotation equipment.

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