Date: March 03, 2001
Time: 09:55
Location: Unadilla, Georgia
Operator: Military - Florida Army National Guard
Flight #: ?
Route: Fort Walton Beach, Fl - Oceana Naval Air Station, VA
AC Type: Short 360
Registration: 93-1336
cn / ln: 3684/3420
Aboard: 21   (passengers:18  crew:3)
Fatalities: 21   (passengers:18  crew:3)
Ground: 0
Summary: The plane was on a flight from Florida to Oceana Naval Air Station in Virginia when witnesses observed the plane gliding down and losing altitude until it impacted the ground, exploding into flames. Heavy rain and wind were present in the area at the time of the accident. Weight imbalances in the aircraft were the primary cause of the accident as the cargo shifted when the pilot got up and walked through the plane toward the rear of the plane, unbalancing the aircraft just as it hit severe turbulence. This led to the loss of control and break-up of the aircraft.

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