Date: March 05, 2000
Time: 18:11
Location: Burbank, Calilfornia
Operator: Southwest Airlines
Flight #: 1455
Route: Las Vegas - Burbank
AC Type: Boeing B-737-3T5
Registration: N668SW
cn / ln: 23060/1069
Aboard: 142   (passengers:137  crew:5)
Fatalities: 0   (passengers:0  crew:0)
Ground: 0
Summary: While attempting to land at Burbank Airport, the plane overran the runway, collided with a metal blast fence and an airport perimeter wall and came to rest on a city street near a gas station. The plane touched down at 182 knots, 2,150 feet past the runway threshold, too fast and too far down the runway for the plane to stop in time. In the accident sequence, the nose gear collapsed, the forward service door (1R) escape slide inflated inside the airplane and the forward dual flight attendant jumpseat, which was occupied by two flight attendants, partially collapsed. Two passengers sustained serious injuries and 41 passengers and the captain sustained minor injuries. The flightcrew's excessive airspeed and flight path angle during the approach and landing and its failure to abort the approach when stabilized approach criteria were not met. Contributing to the accident was the controller's positioning of the airplane in such a manner as to leave no safe options for the flightcrew other than a go-around maneuver.

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