Date: October 25, 1999
Time: c 11:20
Location: Aberdeen, South Dakota
Operator: Private charter
Flight #: ?
Route: Orlando, FL - Dallas, TX
AC Type: Gates Learjet 35
Registration: N47BA
cn / ln: 060
Aboard: 6   (passengers:4  crew:2)
Fatalities: 6   (passengers:4  crew:2)
Ground: 0
Summary: The plane scheduled to fly from Orlando, Florida to Dallas, Texas flew out of control for 1,500 miles before nose-diving into a grassy farm field in South Dakota, after running out of fuel. The plane's altitude varied between 22,000 and 51,000 feet during the flight. A possible pressurization failure, as indicated by frosted windows, observed by fighter jet pilots trailing the plane, may have killed all aboard. Pro golfer, Payne Stewart, 42, killed. Incapacitation of the flight crewmembers as a result of their failure to receive supplemental oxygen following a loss of cabin pressurization, for undetermined reasons. Lear's emergency checklist for a pressurization failure, "don oxygen masks" was item #2 on the emergency checklist and item #1 was something confusing and complicated. Presumably the pilots took too much time trying to interpret #1 leading to hypoxia.

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