Date: October 31, 1999
Time: 0152
Location: Off Nantucket Island, Massachusetts
Operator: EgyptAir
Flight #: 990
Route: New York City - Cairo
AC Type: Boeing B-767-366ER
Registration: SU-GAP
cn / ln: 24542/282
Aboard: 217   (passengers:202  crew:15)
Fatalities: 217   (passengers:202  crew:15)
Ground: 0
Summary: The plane took off from JFK at 1:19 a.m. bound for Cairo, Egypt. Thirty-three minutes later, after attaining an altitude of 33,000 feet, it was observed on radar in an extremely rapid descent. The aircraft was observed in a 66 degree dive at 483 knots. The descent continued to 16,700 feet after which the aircraft climbed to 24,000 ft. After that, the plane began a second dive and broke up at around 10,000 ft. crashing into the Atlantic Ocean, 60 miles southeast of Nantucket Island. The aircraft was named Thutmosis III. The accident was caused by the relief first officer's flight control inputs which caused the airplane's departure from normal cruise flight and subsequent impact with the Atlantic Ocean. The reason for the first officer's actions were not determined by the NTSB. One could conclude the actions were deliberate in an attempt to commit suicide.

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