Date: July 30, 1998
Time: 15:58
Location: Near Quiberon, France
Operator: Proteus Air / Private
Flight #: 706
Route: Lyon - Lorient
AC Type: Beechcraft 1900D / Cessna 177
Registration: F-GSJM/F-GAJE
cn / ln: UE-238
Aboard: 15   (passengers:12  crew:3)
Fatalities: 15   (passengers:12  crew:3)
Ground: 0
Summary: Midair collision. The Beechcraft was on a flight from Lyon to Lorient, approaching Lorient, when it requested permission to fly over the ocean liner Norway. While circling the Norway, it collided with the Cessna. One killed aboard the Cessna, 14 aboard the Beechcraft. The pilots of the Beechcraft decided to deviate from their course in order to give passengers a view of the ocean liner Le France. This is unusual but not forbidden. They also descended to 2,000 feet, below the level of radar detection. Both planes approached each other within blind spots. Failure of both pilots to "see and avoid" each other under VFR conditions.

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