Date: March 18, 1997
Time: 10:04
Location: Cherkessk, Russia
Operator: Stavropol Airlines
Flight #: 1023
Route: Stavropol - Trabzon
AC Type: Antonov AN-24RV
Registration: RA-46516
cn / ln: 37308502
Aboard: 50   (passengers:44  crew:6)
Fatalities: 50   (passengers:44  crew:6)
Ground: 0
Summary: The aircraft lost altitude from FL 197 and crashed into a forest while en route from Stavropol, Russia to Trabzon, Turkey. Reports indicated that an in-flight fire and an explosion led to the separation of the tail section prior to the crash. Superficial mechanical inspection of the aircraft which was carried out without the use of monitoring instruments and subsequent unjustified decision to extend the time between overhauls. Inadequate monitoring to determine the state of structural elements and detect the presence of corrosion in hard-to-reach areas under the floor of the fuselage. Failure to carry out prescribed anti-corrosion measures on the aircraft structure during overhaul.

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