Date: March 31, 1995
Time: 09:11
Location: Near Balotesti, Romania
Operator: Transporturile Aeriene Romane (TAROM)
Flight #: 371
Route: Bucharest - Brussel
AC Type: Airbus A310-324
Registration: YR-LCC
cn / ln: 450/395
Aboard: 60   (passengers:50  crew:10)
Fatalities: 60   (passengers:50  crew:10)
Ground: 0
Summary: Shortly after takeoff in poor visibility and heavy snow, with autothrottles engaged, climb thrust was selected. The right engine throttle jammed and remained at takeoff thrust, while the left engine throttle slowly reduced to idle. The increasing thrust asymmetry resulted in an increasing left bank angle, which eventually reached about 170 degrees. The airplane lost altitude and impacted the ground. Lack of crew response to an extreme nose-down attitude. The investigation concluded that the captain was incapacitated. Just before impact the first officer expressed his concern about the situation of either the captain's incapacitation or the aircraft's attitude and attempted a recovery.

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