Date: June 06, 1992
Time: ?
Location: Tucuti, Panama
Operator: COPA (Panama)
Flight #: 201
Route: Panama City, Panama - Cali, Colombia
AC Type: Boeing B-737-204
Registration: HP-1205
cn / ln: 22059/631
Aboard: 47   (passengers:40  crew:7)
Fatalities: 47   (passengers:40  crew:7)
Ground: 0
Summary: Twenty minutes after leaving Panama, the aircraft changed course to miss an area of thunderstorms. It then went into uncontrolled high speed dive and broke up at FL 100. Intermittent failure of one gyro caused non-synchronization of attitude indicators. Crew responded by selecting one gyro for both artificial horizons, but selected the wrong one. The selector control operated the opposite way from the one they had trained on. Failure to cross-check against standby indicator. Pilot came out of a left bank and continued into a right bank that eventually rolled the aircraft and caused it to go into a steep dive from which recovery was not possible.

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