Date: September 06, 1985
Time: 15:21
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Operator: Midwest Express
Flight #: 105
Route: Milwaukee - Atlanta
AC Type: McDonnell Douglas DC-9-14
Registration: N100ME
cn / ln: 47309/393
Aboard: 31   (passengers:27  crew:4)
Fatalities: 31   (passengers:27  crew:4)
Ground: 0
Summary: The aircraft stalled and dove into the ground as it took off. Failure of right engine after compressor spacer failure precipitated by a fatigue crack. The crew's improper use of flight controls in response to the catastrophic failure of the right engine during a critical phase of flight which led to an accelerated stall and loss of control of the airplane. Contributing to the loss of control was a lack of crew coordination in response to the emergency.

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