Date: August 12, 1985
Time: 18:56
Location: Mt. Osutaka, near Ueno Village, Japan
Operator: Japan Air Lines
Flight #: 123
Route: Tokyo - Osaka
AC Type: Boeing B-747-SR46
Registration: JA8119
cn / ln: 20783/230
Aboard: 524   (passengers:509  crew:15)
Fatalities: 520   (passengers:505  crew:15)
Ground: 0
Summary: The aircraft suffered an aft pressure bulkhead failure at 23,900 ft. The aircraft had severe control difficulties with loss of all controls and eventually after 40 minutes, collided with a mountain. Improper repair of the bulkhead while being supervised by Boeing engineers after a tail strike in 1978. Worst single plane disaster in aviation history. Kyu Sakamoto, 43, famous for his Japanese song "Sukiyaki" was killed in the accident.

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