Date: April 17, 1981
Time: 16:01
Location: Loveland, Colorado
Operator: Air US / Private
Flight #: 716 / -
Route: Denver, CO - Gillette, WY
AC Type: Hadley Page 137Jetstream I / Cessna 206
Registration: N11360 / N4862F
cn / ln: 238
Aboard: 19   (passengers:15  crew:4)
Fatalities: 15   (passengers:12  crew:3)
Ground: 0
Summary: A midair collision occurred 2 nm east-southeast of Loveland, Colorado at 13,000 ft.. Two killed and 3 injured on the Cessna and 13 killed on the Jetstream. The failure of the Cessna pilot to establish communications with the Denver Center and his climbing into controlled airspace above 12,500 ft without an authorized transponder. Contributing factor was the fact that existing regulations did not prohibit parachute jumping in or immediately adjacent to federal airways.

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