Date: August 09, 1970
Time: 15:00
Location: Near Cuzco, Peru
Operator: Lineas Aereas Nacionales SA (Peru)
Flight #: 502
Route: Cuzco - Lima
AC Type: Lockheed 188A Electra
Registration: OB-R939
cn / ln: 1106
Aboard: 100   (passengers:91  crew:9)
Fatalities: 99   (passengers:91  crew:8)
Ground: 2
Summary: The flight crashed shortly after takeoff after the No. 3 engine failed. Procedural error after an emergency occurred. With flaps retracted, the aircraft lost altitude and crashed while in a turn. The improper execution of engine-out procedures by the flight crew with contributing factors of improper loading of the aircraft and improper maintenance procedures by company personnel.

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