Date: June 23, 1967
Time: 13:47
Location: Blossburg, Pennsylvania
Operator: Mohawk Airlines
Flight #: 40
Route: Elmira - Washington DC
AC Type: BAC One Eleven 204AF
Registration: N1116J
cn / ln: 098
Aboard: 34   (passengers:30  crew:4)
Fatalities: 34   (passengers:30  crew:4)
Ground: 0
Summary: The flight crashed after an in-flight fire destroyed the pitch control systems. Incorrect installation of a valve caused hot air to ignite hydraulic fluid. The fire resulted from engine bleed air flowing back through the malfunctioning non-return valve and an open air delivery valve, through the auxiliary power unit in a reverse direction, and exiting into the plenum chamber at temperatures sufficiently high to cause the acoustics linings to ignite.

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