Date: February 01, 1963
Time: c 17:15
Location: Ankara, Turkey
Operator: Middle East Airlines / Military - Turkish Air ForceC-47
Flight #: 265
Route: Nicosia - Ankara
AC Type: Vickers Viscount 754D / Douglas C-47
Registration: OD-ADE/ CBK-28
cn / ln: 244/?
Aboard: 17   (passengers:11  crew:6)
Fatalities: 17   (passengers:11  crew:6)
Ground: 87
Summary: Midair collision between a civilian and military aircraft. Both planes crashed into a heavily populated area destroying buildings, houses and vehicles. Fourteen killed on the Viscount, three on the C-47 and 87 on the ground. Cause attributed to a military flight training zone extending into the approach pattern associated with civilian aircraft. The Viscount aircraft had an IFR flight plan but was cruising under VFR conditions and did not see the C-47 until it was too late.

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