Date: July 25, 1957
Time: 03:37
Location: Daggett, California
Operator: Western Airlines
Flight #: 39
Route: Minneapolis -- Salt Lake - Cedar City - Las Vegas- LA
AC Type: Convair CV-240
Registration: N8405H
cn / ln: 22
Aboard: 16   (passengers:13  crew:3)
Fatalities: 1   (passengers:1  crew:0)
Ground: 0
Summary: The plane landed safely after a dynamite bomb exploded in the rear lavatory. A passenger, Saul F. Binstock, 62, a retired North Hollywood jeweler, intent on suicide, detonated a bomb in the rear lavoratory blowing a 6 x 7 ft. hole in the fuselage. Binstock had purchased two insurance policies totaling $125,000 and then flew from Burbank to Las Vegas, where airport personnel at McCarran Field reported he never left the airport terminal. He then boarded the Western Airlines flight bound for Los Angeles and locked himself in the rear lavatory shortly after takeoff. Binstock’s body, missing several fingers on the left hand, was found the next day on a rugged peak in the Ord Mountains south of Daggett.

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