Date: October 26, 1947
Time: 19:30
Location: Near Mt. Hymettus, Greece
Operator: AB Aerotransport
Flight #: 1629
Route: Istanbul-Athens-Rome-Geneve-Copenhagen-Stockholm
AC Type: Douglas DC-4-1009
Registration: SE-BBG
cn / ln: 42930/45
Aboard: 44   (passengers:36  crew:8)
Fatalities: 44   (passengers:36  crew:8)
Ground: 0
Summary: The aircraft crashed into Mt. Hymettus while on approach to Hassani Airport in a severe rainstorm. The captain, John Douglas, probably tried to force the landing due to the weather conditions, when the belly of the aircraft hit the summit, resulting in loss of control, crash and fire. The pilot did not properly follow IFR procedures. The wreckage was found the next morning with the corpses of the victims plundered (the victim's pockets were found to be turned inside-out). The aircraft was named "Sunnan."

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