Date: May 06, 1937
Time: 19:25
Location: Lakehurst, New Jersey
Operator: Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei
Flight #: LZ 129
Route: Frankfurt - Lakehurst N.J.
AC Type: Zeppelin LZ-129
Registration: D-LZ-129
cn / ln: D-LZ129
Aboard: 97   (passengers:36  crew:61)
Fatalities: 35   (passengers:13  crew:22)
Ground: 1
Summary: The airship Hindenburg caught fire and burned while being moored at Lakehurst, New Jersey. Possible causes were static discharge which ignited leaking hydrogen or sabotage. It has been theorized that a sudden turn just before landing caused a steel cable to snap which punctured one of the hydrogen airbags. Thereafter, when mooring ropes were dropped to the ground, the cage was discharged setting up a static discharge between the Hindenburg's outer skin and frame causing the hydrogen to ignite.

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