Date:  January 13, 2018      Time: 2325
Location:  Trabzon, Turkey
Operator:  Pegasus Airlines
AC Type:  Boeing 737-82R
Reg:  TC-CPF        cn: 40879/4267
Aboard:  168   Fatalities: 0   Ground: 0
Route:  Ankara - Trabzon
Details:  After landing on runway 11, the aircraft skidded off the left side of the runway, crossed wet grass and went down a steep slope. None of the 168 passengers were were injured.

Date:  December 31,, 2017      Time: 1216
Location:  Punta Islita, Costa Rica
Operator:  Nature Air
AC Type:  Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
Reg:  TI-BEI         cn: 208B-0900
Aboard:  12   Fatalities: 12   Ground: 0
Route:  Punta Islita - San Jose
Details:  The passenger plane crashed 10 minutes after taking off from Punta Islita into a wooded area. Ten American passengers and crew of 2 were all killed.

Date:  December 31, 2017      Time: 1515
Location:  Cowan, Australia
Operator:  Sydney Seaplanes
AC Type:  de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver
Reg:  VH-NOO       cn: 1535
Aboard:  6   Fatalities: 6   Ground: 0
Route:  Sightseeing
Details:  The seaplane carrying 5 passengers and a pilot crashed into Cowan Creek at Jerusalem Bay. The plane was observed making a tight right-hand turn after which the the wings dipped and it nose dived straight into the water. The plane sank rapidly and was found submerged 17 meters of water. All 6 aboard were killed.
Date:  December 14,, 2017      Time: 1230
Location:  Near Tweed, Ontario
Operator:  Hydro One
AC Type:  AerospatialeAS350 B2
Reg:  C-GOHS         cn: 3240
Aboard:  4   Fatalities: 4   Ground: 0
Route:  ?
Details:  The helicopter crashed while performing routine maintenance on power lines. The accident happened while the helicopter was approaching to land at a staging area. The pilot and crew of 3 were all killed. The accident was reported to be caused by an improperly secured external bag coming loose and striking the tail rotor of the helicopter.



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Aviation Accident History


11/7/17 Roy Halladay, former MLB pitcher, was killed when his Icon A5 amphibious plane crashed into the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico off Holliday, Florida. He was the lone person killed.

9/30/17 An Air France flight made an emergency landing in Labrador after one of its engines disintegrated. The A380 was en route from Paris to Los Angeles. There were no injuries to the 520 aboard.

8/5/17 American Airlines flight 759 flying from Athens to Philadelphia ran into severe turbulence sending ten people to the hospital.

7/25/17 AirAsia flight 7237 on a flight to Kuala Lumpur was forced back to Perth, Australia after it lost power in its left engine.The plane returned safely.

6/10/17 Actress Jenifer Lawrence's private jet made a safe landing after suffering double engine failure. The plane was headed from Louisville to Buffalo when it lost an engine and declared an emergency. During the emergency landing the second engine failed.

6/3/17 United Airlines flight 1738, on a flight from Chicago to Miami, had to return to O'Hare Airport after it's engine caught fire when it apparently struck a bird.

5/30/17 A Rossair Cessna 441 crashed shortly after takeoff from Renmark, Australia during a training flight. All three crew were killed..

5/1/17 More than two-dozen passengers were injured after an Aeroflot flight encountered severe turbulence Monday on its way from Moscow to Bangkok

4/30/17 A Cuban AN-26 military plane crashed into a hillside Saturday in the western province of Artemisa, killing all eight troops on board. 

3/31/17 An American Airlines pilot died after having a medical episode just before landing Wednesday evening at Albuquerque International Sunport. The Albuquerque Journal reports that the captain declared a medical emergency a shortly before landing. First officer William “Mike” Grubbs was pronounced dead. There was no word on a cause of death.

3/29/17 A Peruvian Airlines 737, flight 112, with 141 people aboard, veered off the right side of the runway while landing at Jauja Francisco Airport. The right wing impacted the perimeter fence causing a fuel leak and fire. No one was seriously hurt.

3/20/2017 A South Supreme Airlines plane crashed at Wau Airport in Sudan. All on board survived but many were taken to the hospital.

3/17/17 A Regional Express Airlines Saab340 lost a propeller in flight but landed safely at Sydney Airport in Australia.

3/8/17 A plane carrying the Michigan men's basketball team slid off the runway at Willow Run Airport in Detroit, Michigan. There were no injuries.

2/28/17 American Airlines flight 1296 made unscheduled landing at Denver after encountering severe turbulence..

1/23/17 Endeavor Air flight 4149 from Baltimore to Cincinnati had a fan blade failure during climbout resulting in a total failure of the number 2 engine. The flight returned to Baltimore without incident.

12/31/16 A Sunwing Airlines pilot faces charges after his co-pilot found him slumped over drunk in the cockpit of a plane early Saturday morning as the flight crew prepared to take nearly 100 passengers from Calgary to Cancun, Mexico, Canadian authorities said.

12/29/16 A Cessna 525C Citation corporate jet, registered to Maverick Air and operated by the Superior Beverage Group, went missing shortly after taking off from Cleveland bound for Colombus. Six people are presumed dead.

10/28/16 A Fedex plane caught fire at Lauderdate Hollywood Airport after the landing gear of the DC-10 collapsed. There were no injuries.

10/27/16 A plane carrying republican VP candidate Mike Pence skidded of the runway while landing at La Guardia Airport. No one was injured.

9/23/16 After suffering hydraulic failure and fumes in the cabin, a QantasLink Fokker 100 made an emergency landing at Perth. After chutes were deployed, 102 passengers exited the plane. Two were taken to the hospital for minor injuries.