Date:  January 18, 2024     Time: 1130
Location:  Ceel Barde , Somalia
Operator:  Jetways Airlines
AC Type:  Fokker 50
5YJWG         cn: 20191
Aboard:  4   Fatalities:  1    Ground: 0
Route:  Mogadishu - Ceel Barde 

The chartered United Nations cargo plane was carrying relief supplies when it crashed while landing at El-Barde airstrip. The aircraft ran off the runway and hit a house. The pilot of the plane was killed.

Date:  January 2, 2024      Time: 1745
Location:  Tokyo, Japan
Operator:  Japan Airlines / Japan Coast Guard      Flight: JL516 / none
AC Type:  Airbus A350-941 / de Havilland DHC-8-315Q
Reg.:  JA13XJ / JA722A      cn: 538 / 656
Aboard:  379/6      Fatalities: 0/5      Ground: 0
Route:  Sapporo - Tokyo /  Tokyo - Niigata

A Japan Airlines Airbus, collided with a Japan Coast Guard aircraft on the runway at Tokyo Haneda Airport. The Airbus was landing on runway 34R when it collided with the Coast Guard aircraft. Both aircraft burst into flames. The Airbus continued 5,500 ft. down the runway until it came to a stop on the right edge of the runway. Miraculously, all 367 passengers and 12 crew escaped and survived the crash on the Airbus. The captain of the Japan Coast Guard aircraft also survived, but 5 others did not. The DHC-8 was on its way to transport supplies to Niigata in response to the recent earthquake.

Date:  November 1, 2023      Time: 1415
Location:  Temixco, Morelos, Mexico
Operator:  Jet Rescue Air Ambulance
AC Type:  Learjet 35A
Reg.:  XA-IRE     cn: 35A-354
Aboard:  4      Fatalities: 4      Ground: 0
Route:  Toluca - Cuernavaca Airport

A business jet operating as an air ambulance, overran runway 20 at Cuenavaca Airport and went into step sided ravine, bursting into flames. The 2 pilots along with a doctor and paramedic were killed.

Date:  October 29,2023     Time: 0630
Location:  Rio Branco, Brazil
Operator:  ART Taxi Aero
AC Type:  Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
PT-MEE         cn: 208B0344
Aboard:  12   Fatalities: 12    Ground: 0
Route:  Rio Branco - Envira

The air taxi crashed into a heavy wooded area near Rio Branco Airport shortly after takeoff.

Date:  October 22, 2023     Time: 1300
Location:  Near Portland, Oregon
Operator:  Alaska Airlines       Flight: AS2059
AC Type:  Embraer ERJ-170LR
Reg.:  N660QX       cn: 17000948
Aboard:  84   Fatalities:  0    Ground: 0
Route:  Everett - San Francisco

A pilot, deadheading and occupying the jump seat in the cockpit allegedly tried to shut down both engines in flight by pulling the fire handles. He was subdued and the plane landed safely after diverting to Portland International Airport. He was charged with 83 counts of attempted murder.

Date:  September 23, 2023     Time: 0700
Location:  Gao, Mali
Operator:  Mali Air Force
AC Type:  Ilyushin Il-76
TZ-98T         cn: ?
Aboard:  2   Fatalities:  2    Ground: 0
Route:  Gao - Istanbul

The cargo aircraft crashed and burst into flames past the end of runway 06L while attempting to takeoff.

Date:  September 16, 2023    
Location:  Barcelos, Brazil
Manaus Aerotaxi
AC Type:  Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante
Reg.:  PT-SOG     cn:110490
Aboard:  14      Fatalities: 14      Ground: 0
Route:  Manaus - Barcelos

The air taxi crashed in heavy rain while attempting to land at Barcelos Airport. Fourteen people including 12 passengers and 2 crew were killed. The pilot poor visibility, the pilot made his landing mid-runway and ran out of landing strip.

Date:  Aug 23, 2023     Time: 1515
Location:  Kuzhenkino, Tver region, Russia
Operator:  Wagner Group
AC Type:  Embraer EMB-135BJ Legacy 600
Reg.:  RA-02795     cn:14501008
Aboard:  10      Fatalities: 10      Ground: 0
Route:  Moscow - Saint Petersburg

The private plane crashed into a field northwest of Moscow and burst into flames. When the jet last broadcast its position, it was flying at 28,000ft near Tver and moving at a ground speed of 513 knots. All seven passengers and crew of three were killed. Among those killed was Wagner chief, Yevgeny Prigozhin. 

Date:  Aug 17, 2023     Time: 1449
Location:  Selangor, Malaysia
Operator:  Jetvalet Sdn Bhd
AC Type:  Raytheon 390 Primere I
Reg.:  N28JV     cn: RB-97
Aboard:  12      Fatalities: 10      Ground: 2
Route:  Langkawi - Kuala Lumpur

While on approach, the aircraft crashed on an expressway at a high rate of speed, bursting into flames and fragmenting into small parts. The two pilots and 8 passengers were killed. Two passing motorists, one in a car and one on a motorcycle were also killed.

Date:  July 11 2023     Time: 1223

Mogadishu-Aden Adde Banaadir, Somalia

Operator:  HALLA Airlines       
AC Type:  Embraer EMB-120 Brazilia
Reg.:  6O-AAD      
Aboard:  34   Fatalities: 0      Ground: 0
Route:  Garowe - Mogadishu

After touching down on runway 05, and proceding down the runway a few hundred meters, the aircraft deviated to the left and veered off the runway. After contacting soft ground, it turned to the left at almost 180° until it crashed against a concrete perimeter wall, coming to rest broken in two. All 34 occupants survived with two passengers being injured.

Date:  July 8,2023     Time: 0415
Location:  Murrieta, California
Operator:  Prestiege Worldwide Flights
AC Type:  Cessna 550 Citation II
Reg.:  N819KR   cn: 550-0114
Aboard:  6   Fatalities: 6      Ground: 0
Route:  Las Vegas - Murrieta

The executive jet aircraft crashed in fog after second attempt at landing at Murrieta/Temecula French Valley Airport. When the pilot tried for a second approach, the plane missed the runway by 500 feet and crashed into a field and caught fire. 

Date:  January 15,2023     Time: 1050
Location:  Pokhara, Nepal
Operator:  Yeti Airlines       Flight: YT691
AC Type:  ATR 72-500-72-212-A
Reg.:  9NANC     cn: 754
Aboard:  72   Fatalities: 72      Ground: 0
Route:  Kathmandu - Pokhara

Before approach, the pilot requested a change of runways from 30 to 12 at the newly opened Pokhara International Airport. While on approach, the aircraft appeared to pitch up and roll to the left, as the left wing stalled, before crashing into a gorge on the bank of the Seti River. The inadvertent movement of both condition levers to the feathered position in flight by the pilot monitoring, which resulted in the feathering of both propellers and subsequent loss of thrust, leading to an aerodynamic stall and collision with terrain.




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