2000 - 2009
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01/10/2000 Crossair Saab 340 crashes in Niederhasli, Switzerland
01/31/2000 Alaska Airlines MD-83 plunges into the Pacific after rudder jambs
02/14/2000 Race car driver Tony Bettenhausen killed, Leesburgh, Kentucky 
03/05/2000 Southwest Airlines narrowly escapes disaster, Burbank, California 
03/09/2000 Icing and incorrectly set flaps leads to Yakovlev crash
04/19/2000 Plane crashes after attempted a go-around
05/21/2000 Commuter charter runs out of fuel
06/22/2000 Plane crashes after being struck by lightning
07/17/2000 Indian Airlines B737 crashes on second attempt to land
07/25/2000 Concorde crashes in Gonesse, France
08/23/2000 Gulf Air Airbus 320 crashes in the Persian Gulf
10/31/2000 Pilot takes off from closed runway
07/04/2001 Russian airliner goes into a flat spin and crashes, Irkutsk, Russia
07/27/2001 Fernanda Vogel, Brazilian fashion model killed.
08/25/2001 R & B singer and actress Aaliyah Haughton killed, Marsh Harbour, Bahamas
09/11/2001 Deliberate destruction of 4 separate aircraft results in the deaths of thousands.
10/08/2001 Ground collision and crash of a SAS MD-87
11/12/2001 Severe rudder inputs by copilot causes failure of the vertical stabilizer
11/24/2001 American pop singer, Melanie Thornton killed.
01/28/2002 TAME B727 crashes in the Andes mountains
04/15/2002 Air China B767 crashes onto mountain top while on approach
05/04/2002 Aircraft crashed into houses, two mosques and a school, Kano Nigeria
07/01/2002 Midair collision between a Tupolev 154 and Boeing 757
10/25/2002 Senator Wellstone's plane crashes in Minnesota
01/08/2003 Improper rigging of the elevator control system leads to crash
01/09/2003 Fokker 28 flies into the side of a mountain
03/06/2003 Engine fire on takeoff lead to crash, Tamanrasset, Algeria
07/08/2003 Sudan Airways B737 crashes after attempting an emergency landing
12/25/2003 Overloaded UTA B-727 crashes on takeoff
02/03/2005 Kam Air B737 crashes on Chaperi Mountain
08/16/2005 MD-82 stalls and crashes into Venezuelan mountains
09/05/2005 B737 crashes into houses moments after taking off, Medan, Indonesia
07/09/2006 Airbus 310 veers off runway and strikes building
08/22/2006 Tupolev 154 crashes after crew makes distress call
08/27/2006 Crew takes off from the wrong runway
07/17/2007 Airbus overruns runway and crashes at Sao Paulo, Brazil
06/31/2009 Yemenia Airlines Airbus crashed off the coast of Moroni, Comoros
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