1990 - 1999
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01/25/1990 Avianca Boeing 707 runs out of fuel while in holding pattern
02/14/1990 Flight director set to wrong mode
08/27/1990 Blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan's killed, Elkhorn, Wisconsin
02/01/1991 B737 land on top of Metroliner
04/04/1991 Senator H. John Heinz killed, Merion, Pennsylvania
05/26/1991 Inadvertent deployment of thrust reverser, Lauder Air, Thailand
07/11/1991 Blown tire causes loss of hydraulics and electrical systems
10/25/1991  Rock promoter Bill Graham killed, Vallejo, California
01/20/1992 An incorrectly set flight control system results in crash
03/22/1992 Icing causes plane to run off runway into Flushing Bay
09/28/1992 Pilot begins descent too early and miscalculates aircraft's altitude
10/04/1992 An El Al cargo plane loses two engines and crashes into apartments
12/21/1992 Wingtip hits runway while landing, fuel tank explodes
04/26/1993 Plane hits vehicle beyond runway tries to make forced landing
09/14/1993 Skidded off runway due to delayed deployment of spoilers
03/23/1994 Pilot lets son fly the plane leading to destruction of the aircraft
04/26/1994 Pilot inadvertently triggers the TOGA lever, China Airlines, Nagoya, Japan
06/06/1994 The autopilot yaw-channel was accidentally connected to the bank control and the bank-channel to the yaw controls.
07/02/1994 Wind shear, USAir, Charlotte, North Carolina
09/08/1994 Uncommented deflection of the rudder, USAir, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania
10/31/1994 Icing, American Eagle Flight 4184, Roselawn Indiana
12/13/1994 Captain misinterprets instruments
03/31/1995 Jammed throttle leads to loss of control of plane
08/21/1995 Propeller separation leadsto crash
12/20/1995 Navigation error leads to collision with mountain, Buga, Colombia
01/08/1996 African Air cargo plane crashes into market place killing 225
04/03/1996 U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Ron Brown killed, Dubrovnik, Croatia
04/11/1996 Trainee pilot Jessica Dubroff killed, Cheyenne, Wyoming
05/11/1996 Valujet crashes into the Everglades near Miami, Florida
07/06/1996 Fan disk separation kills two passengers
07/17/1996 Center fuel tank explodes, TWA Flight 800, East Moriches, New York
08/291996 A Vnokovo Airlines Tupolev 154M crashes while attempting to land in Norway
11/12/1996 Saudi Arabian/Kazastan Airlines midair collision  over New Delhi, India
11/23/1996 Boeing B-767 runs out of fuel after being hijacked, Moroni, Comoros
01/09/1997 Icing, Comair, Monroe, Michigan
08/06/1997 Crew error leads to landing short of the runway, Korean Airlines
08/10/1997 French Canadian actress Marie-Soleil Tougas killed
09/03/1997 Pilot fails to heed warnings of crew
09/26/1997 Airbus A300 crashes in Buah Nabar, Indonesia
10/12/1997 Singer John Denver killed, Pacific Grove, California
12/05/1997 Inadvertent shutdown of all four engines
12/19/1997 B737 plunges to the ground from 35,000 feet
02/16/1998 China Airlines Airbus crashes into house in Taipei, Taiwan
09/29/1998 Cubana Tupolev crashes during third attempt to take off
09/02/1998 Uncontrollable fire aboard a Swissair MD-11, off Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia
11/21/1998 Actor William Gardner Knight killed, Edgewater, Maryland
12/20/1998 Phil Stubbs, ocean rowing champion killed, Auckland, New Zealand
02/24/1999 Improperly installed nut lead to loss of control and crash
06/01/1999 American Airlines MD-82 skids off  the end of the runway, Little Rock, AR 
08/22/1999 Pilot error causes MD-11 to crash in strong wind and rain
08/31/1999 Wrong flap extension cause plane to overrun runway
10/25/1999 Pressurization failure, pro golfer Payne Stewart killed, Aberdeen, SD
10/31/1999 EgyptAir B767 nose dives into the Atlantic Ocean
12/21/1999 Cubana DC-10 overruns runway, Guatemala City, Guatemala
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