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Date 08:42 AM - Nov 16, 2015
First Name Jukka
Worst accident list, why Sinai A321 is there? It was at least on your info about crash listed as an accident.
Thanks's for great site.


Date 01:00 PM - Nov 14, 2015
First Name Kathy
email KDL2855@YAHOO.COM
My heart aches for all these lives lost. And I wish to give my apology to them, for when listening to the recordings I felt like I was intruding on an intensely personal moment. Kathy Lee

Date 12:20 AM - Nov 09, 2015
First Name ababil
Thanks for info :)

Date 01:06 PM - Nov 07, 2015
First Name pia
Such a good page!

I didn`t find the 26 January 1972 JAT Flight 367 accident while flying over Czechoslovakia though. I remember that one in particular, because a stewardess was the only survivor, surviving an explosion plus 10.000 meter fall.

I was looking at the statistics, very useful. Missing the list of best/worse airlines according to statistics data.
Thank you for your page!

Date 02:28 AM - Nov 06, 2015
First Name David
Excellent and comprehensive database. Would be great to have links to official accident reports. My company has been involved in <a href="">Crew Resource Management</a> for many years, to address the human factors which are still contributory causes in many aviation accidents. Thanks for all the good work on this.

Date 05:43 PM - Nov 01, 2015
First Name Pamela
I don't see any references regarding the crash of the plane evacuating orphans during the fall of Viet Nam in April 1975. It was called Operation Babylift.

Reply: It is there under the date 4/4/1975

Date 12:30 AM - Nov 01, 2015
First Name Dmitry
Here is a link 1993 aircrash accident in Russia, Nizhni Tagil at May 9.
Crew of 2 are dead. 17 victims on land, some of them was teenagers.

Date 03:47 PM - Oct 31, 2015
First Name Frosty
No entry on the tragic KGL9268 crash that happened today. God help the families and people affected.

Date 06:17 AM - Oct 31, 2015
First Name Rachid
Special Advisory - Russia: Russian nationals amongst fatalities reported following plane crash in Sinai Peninsula, Egypt; account for staff

An Airbus A-321, operated by Russian airliner Kogalymavia, on 31 October crashed south of El-Arish (North Sinai governorate, Egypt). The Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation confirmed that flight 7K9268, carrying 217 passengers and seven cabin crew from Sharm el-Sheikh International Airport (SSH, South Sinai governorate) to Pulkovo International Airport (LED, Saint Petersburg), crashed 23 minutes after takeoff at 05.50 (local time).

Date 09:12 AM - Oct 23, 2015
First Name Igor
I have waited a couple of days, but I do not find the crash in Bogota Colombia on the 19th? October

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