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Date 08:15 PM - Apr 19, 2013
First Name Captains
Guest book? What is this? 1997?

Haha all kidding aside, love the site!

Date 12:19 AM - Apr 09, 2013
First Name Jonah
I, like many others, just wanted to say thank you for such a well-organized, utilitarian collection of professionally stated knowledge. I just sunk about two hours into it without even realizing it! Very interesting stuff. I have a morbid fascination with the CVR audio. I would be fascinated to hear more of it.

Date 12:19 PM - Apr 05, 2013
First Name Julian
Hi, my name is Julian Martin Gaubeca. I am survivor of the air accident on flight 737-282 FAP-351 occurred in Peru May 5th 1998.

Never new what the cause of the accident was. Only know that 74 people out of 87 died. Most of the passed away people were hard oil field workers from Iquitos ....which is a relatively small town in the Peruvian Amazon jungle.

We, the 13 lucky survived.... the Peruvian Air Force (FAP), Occidental Petroleum (OXY) and of course Boeing came out with a newspaper story about a lighting.....nobody says we hit the trees!!

I will never forget this General who once we arrived to Lima was taking to one of the crew members and "re-emphasizing" the story about a lighting hitting the plane.......BS.......we just hit with the right wing the tall trees of the jungle!!

Anyways, few indemnities were offered to the families and survivors and I guess they were paid but looks like not to help the families of this oil workers but to shut up any possible claim......

It might have been because the interest of this three institutions above? Might be because the accident happened in a 3rd world Country dominated by the interests and powers of few? or maybe because there were several other anomalies on this service flight? I will never know.

For the survivors.... what can I say, simply my best to all.

Julian Martin Gaubeca

Date 02:52 PM - Apr 03, 2013
First Name Margaret
Just came across this website. Such a long list of terrible crashes and hundreds of fatally injured but overall very reassuring stats that it does not happen that often! Thank you for great work.

Date 04:15 PM - Mar 28, 2013
First Name Christian
Thanks for providing excellent work, accuracy & valuable updated information.
Best regards.

Date 08:24 AM - Mar 25, 2013
First Name Jason
Its always terrible to see aviation accidents, i mourn my cousin who got married, on third day of his wedding he was flying from Karachi to Islamabad and Airblue flight was crashed due to bad weather.

Sad, pray for safety for Flights and aviation from me.

Date 01:26 PM - Mar 17, 2013
First Name Peggy
I'm looking for the TOTAL number of plane crashes in 1955, worldwide. Your website is excellent. Keep up the good work.

Date 01:50 AM - Mar 09, 2013
First Name Steve
Thanks for providing this site and all the valuable information. Best regards, and fly safe!

Date 01:12 PM - Mar 03, 2013
First Name Greg
Actually stumbled upon this website. Really interesting information. I'm a pilot-in-training and learning about this is very interesting. Thank you.

Date 04:54 PM - Jan 31, 2013
First Name rowland
in 1943 a at-6 texan crashed on a humble oil and
refining co. air strip southwest of hebbronville
texas have photo but no tail number.

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