Date: March 24, 2015
Time: 1053
Location: Near Digne-Les-Bains, France
Operator: Germanwings
Flight #: 9525
Route: Barcelona, Spain - Dusseldorf, Germany
AC Type: Airbus A320-211
Registration: D-AIPX
cn / ln: 147
Aboard: 150   (passengers:144  crew:6)
Fatalities: 150   (passengers:144  crew:6)
Ground: 0
Summary: The jetliner crashed in a remote mountainous area of southern France. The plane was obliterated with no wreckage larger than a small car. According to a flight tracker, the plane fell from 38,000 ft. to 11,400 ft. in eight minutes. The aircraft impacted the ground at a high rate of speed.The copilot locked the captain out of the cockpit and put the plane into a controlled descent until it impacted the ground.

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