Date: December 16, 2006
Time: 03:54
Location: Mbeya, Tanzania
Operator: Air Charter - Tanzanian Air Services
Flight #: ?
Route: Mbeya - Dar es Salaam
AC Type: Cessna 310R
Registration: 5H-TZA
cn / ln: 310R-1333
Aboard: 6   (passengers:5  crew:1)
Fatalities: 3   (passengers:3  crew:0)
Ground: 0
Summary: The pilot chose to initiate his take off from about 200 metres beyond the threshold of Runway 31 because he was not certain of the condition of the runway behind that position. He chose to apply full power on brakes and leaned the mixtures before initiating the take off roll. As the aircraft rolled for take off the pilot reported to have felt acceleration/deceleration effects caused by undulations and wetness of the runway. The target rotation speed was 105kt. However, the pilot had to rotate at around 96kt when it became imminent that the remaining runway length was not enough to stop the aircraft. Shortly after take off the pilot felt a complete lack of acceleration and had to lower the nose in order to increase airspeed. As he did so, the aircraft collided with a roof of a house located about 500 metres beyond the threshold of Runway 13. The aircraft subsequently collided with 3 more houses and an electric pole with live cables and broke up.

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