Date: November 06, 2002
Time: 10:10
Location: Near Niederanven, Luxembourg
Operator: Luxair
Flight #: 9642/2420
Route: Berlin, Germany - Luxembourg
AC Type: Fokker 50
Registration: LX-LGB
cn / ln: 20221
Aboard: 22   (passengers:19  crew:3)
Fatalities: 20   (passengers:18  crew:2)
Ground: 0
Summary: The plane crashed 6 miles short of the runway at Findel Airport while attempting to land in heavy fog. Crew error caused by aborting a "go-around" after being informed by tower of an increase in visibility. A series of non-standard actions resulted in severe loss of airspeed, due to the propeller blades being accidentally switched into reverse position, and subsequent impact short of the runway. Contributing to the accident were errors concerning the implementation of a security recommendation which had been made by the manufacturer to Fokker 50 operators. Also this warning was not adequately communicated to the flight crews of Luxair.

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