Date: May 25, 2002
Time: 15:29
Location: Off Penghu Island, Taiwan
Operator: China Airlines (Taiwan)
Flight #: 611
Route: Taipei - Hong Kong
AC Type: Boeing B-747-209B
Registration: B-18255
cn / ln: 21843/386
Aboard: 225   (passengers:206  crew:19)
Fatalities: 225   (passengers:206  crew:19)
Ground: 0
Summary: The flight crashed into the sea, 31 miles NE of the Penghu (Pescadore) Islands in the Taiwan Strait. The plane disappeared from radar while flying at 35,000 ft. approximately 20 minutes after taking off from Chiang Kai Shek Airport. There was no distress call and the weather was good at the time. Military radar revealed the aircraft disintegrated in midair, breaking into four pieces. Only 175 of 225 bodies were recovered. The carrier failed to conduct a preventive anti-rust operation in a timely manner every four years. Damage from a 1980 tailstrike was not properly repaired and fatigue cracks formed, which eventually led to a structural failure.

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