Date: October 31, 2000
Time: 23:17
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Operator: Singapore Airlines
Flight #: 006
Route: Taipei - Los Angeles
AC Type: Boeing B-747-412
Registration: 9V-SPK
cn / ln: 28023/1099
Aboard: 179   (passengers:159  crew:20)
Fatalities: 83   (passengers:79  crew:4)
Ground: 0
Summary: Weather conditions at the time were extremely poor due to typhoon Xiang Sane. A NOTAM issued on Aug 31, 2000 indicated that Runway 05R was closed due to construction between Sep 13 and Nov 22. After reaching the end of Taxiway NP, the plane turned onto Taxiway N1 and then made a 180-degree turn onto Runway 05R and began its takeoff roll. Approximately 3.5 seconds after reaching V1, the aircraft hit construction equipment on the runway, crashed back to the ground, broke up and burst into flames. The pilot attempted to take off from a closed runway. The following factors contributed to the accident. Of three lights used to guide the aircraft onto the correct runway, one was not working and another dim. The airport lacked "guard lights" used to help pilots navigate from the taxiway to the correct runway during times of poor visibility. International regulations require that a large white X be placed on the tarmac at the entrance to a closed runway, but there was none at the entrance of runway 5R. Whether there should have been, in this case, however, is itself a contentious matter as the runway remained open for taxiing.

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