Date: October 25, 2000
Time: 18:15
Location: Near Batumi, Republic of Georgia
Operator: Military - Russian Air Force
Flight #: ?
Route: Moscow - Batumi
AC Type: Ilyushin IL-18D
Registration: RA-74295
cn / ln: 187010602
Aboard: 86   (passengers:75  crew:11)
Fatalities: 86   (passengers:75  crew:11)
Ground: 0
Summary: Communications were lost with the aircraft as it approached Mt. Tirina at 4,250 feet, preparing to land at Batumi. The aircraft was seen rapidly descending into mountainous terrain. A large explosion followed as the plane crashed somewhere between the towns of Batumi and Kabuleti in heavy rain. Navigation error made by the crew in the final stage of the landing approach. Error by the Batumi ATC who failed to locate the plane and conform it to the crew. Erroneous data shown by ground radio-technical facilities at Batumi airport.

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