Date: August 26, 2000
Time: c 12:10
Location: Near La Fortuna, Costa Rica
Operator: SANSA
Flight #: 1644
Route: San Jose - La Fortuna - Tamarindo
AC Type: Cessna 208B Grand Caravan I
Registration: HP-1357AAP
cn / ln: 208B-0709
Aboard: 10   (passengers:8  crew:2)
Fatalities: 10   (passengers:8  crew:2)
Ground: 0
Summary: The plane crashed head-on into 5,360 ft. Arenal volcano, 95 miles north of San Jose shortly after taking off from La Fortuna. The pilot was flying VFR and deviated from his course by 12 miles, most likely to give passengers a view of the volcano which had erupted earlier in the week. The reason the crew did not see the volcano is not known. Possibly, with changing meteorological conditions in the area, the volcano may have been obscured by clouds. The plane, built in 1998, had been leased from Aeroperlas.

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