Date: June 22, 2000
Time: 15:16
Location: Shitai, China
Operator: Wuhan Airlines
Flight #: 343
Route: Enshi - Wuhan
AC Type: Xian Yunshuji Y-7-100C
Registration: B-3479
cn / ln: 06708
Aboard: 44   (passengers:40  crew:4)
Fatalities: 44   (passengers:40  crew:4)
Ground: 7
Summary: The plane was attempting to land at Whuan's Wanjiatun Airport in thunderstorms and heavy rain when it was struck by lightning causing it to explode and crash. Half of the plane crashed into a farmhouse and the other half crashed near a dike on the Hanjiang River near the village of Shitai, 15 miles from Wuhan. Seven people aboard a boat on the southern bank of the river were killed when they were swept into the river by the impact of the crash.

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