Date: December 21, 1999
Time: 09:40
Location: Guatemala City, Guatemala
Operator: Cubana de Aviacon
Flight #: 261
Route: Havana - Guatemala City
AC Type: McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30
Registration: F-GTDI
cn / ln: 46890/77
Aboard: 314   (passengers:296  crew:18)
Fatalities: 16   (passengers:8  crew:8)
Ground: 2
Summary: While attempting to land at La Aurora International Airport, the aircraft overshot the runway, rolled down an embankment and crashed into houses in the La Libertad section of the city. Witnesses say the plane was unable to stop after it began its landing too far down the runway. The crew failed to initiate a go-around after overshooting on a wet runway with insufficient deceleration to make a safe stop. Leased from AOM.

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