Date: April 20, 1998
Time: 16:47
Location: Near Bogota, Colombia
Operator: Air France
Flight #: 422
Route: Bogota - Quito
AC Type: Boeing B-727-230
Registration: HC-BSU
cn / ln: 21622/1431
Aboard: 53   (passengers:43  crew:10)
Fatalities: 53   (passengers:43  crew:10)
Ground: 0
Summary: The aircraft, leased from TAME, crashed atop fog covered Cerro el Cable mountain and exploded into flames, three minutes after taking off from Bogota's El Dorado airport. The aircraft was leased to Air France by TAME airlines. The crew did not turn in the proper direction after reaching the Romeo non-directional beacon even though the flight crew acknowledged an air traffic controller's warning that they were off course.

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