Date: August 06, 1997
Time: 01:42
Location: Agana, Guam
Operator: Korean Airlines
Flight #: 801
Route: Seoul - Guam
AC Type: Boeing B-747-300
Registration: HL-7468
cn / ln: 22487/605
Aboard: 254   (passengers:231  crew:23)
Fatalities: 228   (passengers:206  crew:22)
Ground: 0
Summary: The aircraft crashed into Nimitz Hill, 3 miles short of Runway 06R, while making a non-precision approach in heavy rain to A.B. Won Guam International Airport. The runway glide slope system was inoperative. In addition, the Minimum Safe Altitude Warning system (MSAW) was also not working due to a software problem. The captainís failure to adequately brief and execute the non-precision approach and the first officer's and flight engineer's failure to effectively monitor and cross-check the captainís execution of the approach. Contributing to these failures were the captain's fatigue and Korean Air's inadequate flight crew training. Contributing to the accident was the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) intentional inhibition of the MSAW at Guam and the agency's failure to adequately manage the system.

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