Date: November 27, 1983
Time: 10:06
Location: Madrid-Barajas, Spain
Operator: AVIANCA
Flight #: 11
Route: Paris - Madrid - Bogota
AC Type: Boeing B-747-283B
Registration: HK-2910
cn / ln: 21381
Aboard: 192   (passengers:169  crew:23)
Fatalities: 181   (passengers:158  crew:23)
Ground: 0
Summary: While attempting to land at Madrid, the crew intercepted the wrong ILS track which caused the pilot to initiate a right turn short of the VOR beacon. The aircraft impacted a series of hills during which the right wing broke off, the aircraft cartwheeled and broke into 5 pieces and came to rest upside down. Procedural errors by the crew including the pilot not knowing his precise position before descending, failure of the crew to take corrective action after a warning from the ground proximity warning system and deficient teamwork on the flight deck. The aircraft was named "Magnus Viking," LN-RNA and dry-leased from SAS.

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