Date: September 01, 1983
Time: 18:26
Location: Near Sakhalin Island, Russia
Operator: Korean Airlines
Flight #: 007
Route: Anchorage - Seoul
AC Type: Boeing B-747-230B
Registration: HL-7442
cn / ln: 20559/186
Aboard: 269   (passengers:246  crew:23)
Fatalities: 269   (passengers:246  crew:23)
Ground: 0
Summary: On a flight from Alaska to South Korea, the airliner drifted off course and twice penetrated Soviet airspace. During the second penetration, the airliner was shot down by a Russian Su-15 Air Force fighter with air-to-air missiles. The aircraft crashed into international waters in the Sea of Japan. U.S. Representative from Georgia Lawrence McDonald killed. Because of an improper navigational setting the plane drifted off course. There was a U.S. spy plane in the vacinity of the 007 flight. The 007 plane was mistaken for the spy plane. The fighter pilot was ordered by Soviet command to shoot down the plane. Two air-to-air missiles were launched by the fighter and struck the Boeing 747. Cabin pressure was lost and the aircraft suffered control problems, causing the plane to go into a dive and break up, crashing into the ocean.

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