Date: June 08, 1983
Time: 13:55
Location: Near Cold Bay, Alaska
Operator: Reeve Aleutian Airways
Flight #: 8
Route: Cold Bay, Alaska - Seattle, Washington
AC Type: Lockheed L-188C Electra
Registration: N1968R
cn / ln: 2007
Aboard: 15   (passengers:10  crew:5)
Fatalities: 0   (passengers:0  crew:0)
Ground: 0
Summary: After experiencing a strong vibration, the number 4 prop separated and struck the aircraft causing a major gash in the bottom of the aircraft. This resulted in decompression of the cabin and jamming of the flight controls. Using the autopilot, which uses separate cables, the crew was able to maintain level flight, but not turn or adjust the throttles.. As the flight crew kept trying heavy control inputs, they worked the cables loose enough to regain some control. Diverting to Anchorage, they were barely able to descend by stopping a second engine. On the second attempt they were able to get low enough to land safely. The cause of the prop separation was not determined since it fell into the ocean

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