Date: July 23, 1982
Time: 0230
Location: Castaic, California
Operator: Western Helicopter
Flight #: ?
Route: Movie set
AC Type: Bell UH-1B Huey Helicopter
Registration: N87701
cn / ln: 6414038
Aboard: 1   (passengers:0  crew:1)
Fatalities: 0   (passengers:0  crew:0)
Ground: 3
Summary: During the filming of "Twilight Zone, The Movie", a helicopter crashed, killing actor Vic Morrow, 53, and two child actors. The helicopter was hovering low over a make believe Vietnamese village when an explosive charge from the special effects hit the tail rotor of the helicopter sending it crashing to the ground. One child, Rene Chen, 6, was crushed to death with the right skid. Vic Morrow and the other child, Myca Dinh Le, 7, were decapitated. Criminal charges against the production company were eventually dismissed in a much publicized trial. The civil trial ended in awards of 2 million dollars to the families of each of the children and $700,000 to the estate of Vic Morrow.

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