Date: November 15, 1978
Time: 23:30
Location: Near Katunayake, Sri Lanka
Operator: Loftleidir Icelandic Airlines
Flight #: 001
Route: Jeddah - Colombo
AC Type: McDonnell Douglas DC-8-Super 63CF
Registration: TF-FLA
cn / ln: 46020/415
Aboard: 262   (passengers:249  crew:13)
Fatalities: 183   (passengers:175  crew:8)
Ground: 0
Summary: The aircraft crashed short of the runway into a coconut plantation while attempting to land in heavy rain. Windshear. Excessive sink rate. Crew's non-conformance with approach procedures. Incorrect information supplied by the radar controller. Lack of an approach lighting system at Bandaranaike.

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