Date: June 03, 1973
Time: 1529
Location: Goussainville, France
Operator: Aeroflot
Flight #: ?
Route: Demonstration
AC Type: Tupolev TU-144
Registration: CCCP-77102
cn / ln: 01-2
Aboard: 6   (passengers:0  crew:6)
Fatalities: 6   (passengers:0  crew:6)
Ground: 8
Summary: During a steep climb at an airshow, the airplane was observed to level off very abruptly and then begin a dive. The plane broke apart and exploded before crashing into a residential area killing 8 people and seriously injuring 60 others. The pilot, possibly startled by a close encounter with a Mirage jet photographing the TU-144, overreacted causing a compressor stall. The aircraft then went into a dive and broke apart after the aircraft's design capacity was exceeded.

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