Date: September 24, 1972
Time: ?
Location: Sacramento, California
Operator: Private
Flight #: ?
Route: ?
AC Type: F-86 Sabrejet
Registration: N275X
cn / ln: ?
Aboard: 1   (passengers:0  crew:1)
Fatalities: 0   (passengers:0  crew:0)
Ground: 22
Summary: A World War II vintage Sabrejet fighter leaving an air show at Executive Airport was unable to get airborn and crashed into a Farrell's Ice Cream Parlor on Freeport Blvd. Twenty-two people on the ground, including 12 children were killed. The pilot, was pulled from the wreckage by a bystander and survived. The pilot tried to lift off too quickly, pointing the nose of the jet three times higher than the normal angle. Instead of becoming airborne sooner, the plane had trouble getting off the ground.

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