Date: July 05, 1970
Time: 08:09
Location: Toronto, Canada
Operator: Air Canada
Flight #: 621
Route: Montreal - Toronto - Los Angeles
AC Type: McDonnell Douglas DC-8-63
Registration: CF-TIW
cn / ln: 46114/526
Aboard: 109   (passengers:100  crew:9)
Fatalities: 109   (passengers:100  crew:9)
Ground: 0
Summary: While attempting to land at Toronto, at approximately 60 feet above the runway, the spoilers were inadvertently deployed causing the aircraft to fall to the runway and lose the No. 4 engine. With the wing on fire, the captain decided to go-around but while circling the plane lost the No. 3 engine and eventually went into a steep dive and crashed. Inadvertent deployment of the spoilers by the first officer while the aircraft was still in the air. Faulty design by allowing the spoiler handle to perform two different unrelated tasks (lift to arm and pull to deploy). After the crash McDonnell Douglas denied there was any design flaw and the FAA decided to issue an Airworthiness Directive requiring a warning placard on all DC8s. After two and possibly three more crashed with the same cause an AD was issued requiring a safety lock be installed.

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