Date: January 24, 1966
Time: 08:02
Location: Mont Blanc, French Alps, Switzerland
Operator: Air India
Flight #: 101
Route: Bombay - Beirut - Geneva - Paris - London -New York
AC Type: Boeing B-707-437
Registration: VT-DMN
cn / ln: 18055/200
Aboard: 117   (passengers:106  crew:11)
Fatalities: 117   (passengers:106  crew:11)
Ground: 0
Summary: The aircraft was told to hold at 1,000 ft. above the clouds before landing at Geneva but descended below the minimum safe altitude and crashed into Mont Blanc. With a malfunctioning No. 2 VOR the crew thought they had already passed Mt. Blanc. Miscalculation by the crew on their position and the phraseology used by the controller in relay the aircraft's position. Hambi Bhabha, father of India's nuclear program killed. The aircraft was named Kanchenjunga. Remains found 7/2017

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