Date: January 03, 1965
Time: 21:03
Location: Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
Operator: Aeroflot / Kazakhstan
Flight #: 101
Route: Semipalatinsk - Alma-Ata
AC Type: Ilyushin IL-18B
Registration: CCCP-75685
cn / ln: 189001105
Aboard: 103   (passengers:95  crew:8)
Fatalities: 64   (passengers:61  crew:3)
Ground: 0
Summary: During the approach the weather was below minima, but the crew was not aware of this. The plane deviated off course and the controller instructed the crew to execute a go-around but the captain continued the approach. The airplane struck the ground 75m short and to the right of the runway, crossed a ditch and struck trees.

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