Date: September 02, 1964
Time: 21:11
Location: Island of Sakhalin, Russia
Operator: Aeroflot
Flight #: 721
Route: Krasnoyarsk - Yuzhno
AC Type: Ilyushin IL-18B
Registration: CCCP-75531
cn / ln: 180002402
Aboard: 87   (passengers:78  crew:9)
Fatalities: 87   (passengers:78  crew:9)
Ground: 0
Summary: After insisting on and getting a direct approach without completing a standard traffic pattern, the airliner crashed into a wooded hillside. The controller lacked the radar with which to monitor the flight. Blame was placed on both the crew of the airliner and the ATC. Lack of radar facilities. Premature descent. Inexperience with the area and poor flight planning.

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