Date: September 04, 1963
Time: 06:22
Location: Durrenasch, Aargau, Switzerland
Operator: Swissair
Flight #: 306
Route: Zurich - Geneva
AC Type: Sud-Aviation Caravelle III
Registration: HG-ICV
cn / ln: 147
Aboard: 80   (passengers:74  crew:6)
Fatalities: 80   (passengers:74  crew:6)
Ground: 0
Summary: Prior to departure from Zurich Airport, the pilot,, without authorization, taxied half way down the runway in order to clear fog. The aircraft then went back to the beginning of the runway and took off only to crash 10 minutes later, 18 miles WSW of Zurich. Braking done during the fog clearing procedure overheated the brakes which led to the wheel flange splitting and a burst tire which damaged a hydraulic line which caused a fire to start which ultimately led to the loss of control of the aircraft. Forty-three people, one fifth the population of the small town of Humilikon died in the accident.

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